Thank you for visiting my blog.
I’m going to introduce myself:
Call me Sophia, I am 25years old and at this moment I live in Majorca.

Born and raised in Pamplona, I was always fortunate to accompany my parents in all of the trips we had over the years. My first trip by plane was in August 1994 to Paris, to discover the city and the newly opened Euro Disney Paris. I travelled and met new people and cultures.

I also decided to apply a scholarship through ERASMUS program in between 2010/2011 and in August of 2012 I decided to accept the challenge of coming to work for a capital company.

At this time I work in a company as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means that some of my time and work is spent reading blogs (related to travel, in this case). And after reading several blogs and sites about Majorca in spanish, I thought “Why do not I create a blog in Portuguese as my own say about Majorca?”

Besides traveling I also love gardening. My dad has a beautiful garden in our backyard. In my spare times, I spend my days with my dad in our little garden. We have various kinds of flowers and a small fish pond and a fountain. All of them were created by my dad and me. We love to sit there in the afternoon enjoying the view and the sound of the water.

I decided to write a blog about gardening and traveling because my dad urged me to do so. Thanks Dad, it turned out I do love writing. So, if you want to know about my city Majorca or gardening, just visit my blog. You are always welcome.